Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are you KIDDING me?

I was shocked to see this on a "friend's" Facebook status yesterday.

"I am so tired of seeing this commie prick of a President on TV all the time trying to twist crap around and give away our money to other countries but not bring our troops home from being slaughtered everyday in 2 scenceless no good wars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now let me first admit that I'm not sure I remember this person from highschool, despite the fact that we graduated together. The first name is very common and so is the last. This isn't a person who posts infrequently, is a teacher, and seems pretty quiet. So, here is my response from this morning . . .

I had to come back to this and respond. Maybe (hopefully) somebody hacked into your account and did that as some kind of sick joke.

1. All people should be treated with respect and dignity. Name-calling is childish and undignified in any case, but especially so in this context.

2. Haiti was quite possibly the poorest country on the planet before this horrible tragedy struck, with over 250,000 orphaned children, no sustainable infrustructure, and no economy to speak of. It would be arrogant to presume that America's needs are any more important than Haiti's right now.... See More

3. There are different perspectives to every "truth" that is told. Expressing a perspective that is outside of your paradigm is not twisting it.

4. As you know, our current president didn't start these wars. We were attacked on our own homefront. The previous president started the counter-attack and to draw out our troops now would be admitting defeat and opening up our country to more attacks.

5. You spelled "senseless" wrong.


Mrs. Chili said...

No, s/he's not kidding you - and that's the part that makes me hang my head and sigh...

Lanie Painie said...

I still have half a hope that some disturbed student walked by and saw that she left her facebook page open . . . or maybe somebody stole her computer!