Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm lacking in the compassion department these days

I am so glad that tomorrow's sermon at our church is "Unbridled Compassion" because I am just not feeling compassion for people these days. I'm sick and tired of the BS whining about every little thing. Seriously people. Where is your perspective?

There are people with serious issues that are beset upon them for no good reason. I realize this. It sucks. It's unfair. It's ok to feel a little sorry for yourself someetimes. I'm a pro at it myself and my problems aren't real big.

Yes, the economy sucks. You may have lost your job. What are you doing to FIND a job? What are you doing with this gift of TIME that has been given to you? Are you sitting playing video games night and day or are you sharing that time by volunteering to make somebody else's life better? There is a lot of need out there people. Get off your sorry butts and go out and give of yourself. You can volunteer at churches, shelters, soup kitchens, hospitals, schools, animal rescue centers, and endless numbers of places. If I was an employer, the first thing I'd look at is how people kept themselves busy and productive during their time of unemployment. It would make a big difference to me if somebody at least had a letter from an elderly neighbor saying that Joe Schmoe helped them take care of their yardwork while he was unemployed. Don't know where to start volunteering? Here's an idea - what do you sit around and complain about? Are you sick about the library shelves being messy when you take the kids there? Well, then volunteer to help straighten them. The people you meet when you're volunteering could be contacts to your next job. You may even gain some skills.

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The name of your blog is hilarious.
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