Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm out of my league

For those who know me well, you will have a good laugh today when you find out that I am meeting with two other private school moms to discuss 1st and 2nd grade activities for the year, and we are meeting at Starbucks.

Panic ensues. My brain is already convinced that the two seasoned "snob-moms" are in cahoots and talking about me on the phone in preparation for the meeting. Afterwards, they'll be on the cell phones before they put their cars in reverse. "Did you see the new mom? She should be home-schooling in the trailer court, what is she doing at our school??? She doesn't drink coffee? I bet she's a *whispering*democrat*whispering* too. Good GAWD, they will let anyone into the school now. There goes the neighborhood!

For those of you who have known me for many years, you'll know that I was convinced a very similar conversation was happening before and after myfirst Parents Club meeting at the public school 2 years ago. And that afterwards, I went back to normal "I don't care" mode where I am who I am and they get what they see. So, why can't I talk myself out of this panic now? Why do I need to puke or nap or somehow purge myself of this stress (blogging is a similar catharsis) so that I can function and move on with my day? Chemical imbalance, family insanity, poor diet? Oh well, there is some comfrot in knowing that it will all be over by 3 pm. I hope it goes better than I'm imagining. I know I'm supposed to imagine the worst thing that could happen and then plan how I would recover from that horrid possibility but I'm afraid to even imagine it . . . . sudden-onset convulsive diarhea could be it, though.

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Cari said...

You don't drink coffee? And you're a democrat?


Srsly, you're independent, right?

How'd it go? Starbux has an awesome frozen strawberry drink with lots and lots of whipped cream that is to die for. Just for future reference.