Saturday, September 6, 2008

old vs. new (or why I love dd's new school)

old: asked for speech therapy and was denied because issues weren't disruptive to class
new: without my asking, dd has been evaluated and began speech class yesterday!

old: library not open until at LEAST October.
New: library open before the first day!

old: cafeteria lady shouts "put your heads down and be invisible!" nearly daily
new: peaceful and enjoyable lunch times

old: 20+ in class
new: 13 kids considered a large class

old: librarian might show up once a week
new: librarian is there daily, reads to children, helps them find books AND provides craft activities which incorporate current learning theme.

old: children must not work ahead on papers
new: kids work at own pace

old: good quiet kids are seated next to troublesome kids as behavior modification tools
new: there are no "bad" kids AND kids are grouped according to skill level.

old: recess was a special treat
new: kids go outside at LEAST twice daily.

old: insane parents dropping off kids and blocking street
new: faculty takes turns directing traffic and keeping a smooth flow daily

old: knives on bus
new: carpool is working out great

old: kids with trouble rule the class
new: each child is treated with respect and expected to treat others the same

new: Spanish class, wilderness walks, deer on the playground, choice of labs daily, no uniform, teachers respond to email within hours, open resource center every day, butterflies in classroom, hands-on activities, working together in groups when appropriate, taught by skill level.

MVCDS experience: priceless


Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, YAY! I know what a difference a good environment can make on a kid's growth, and I'm happy, happy, happy for you!!

The Grammar Snob said...

I'm beyond thrilled for you and dd! Would love to hear more about she in 2nd grade now or 1st? Booger's in first, but doesn't turn 7 until December.