Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TTT - Cedar Point: America's Roller Coast!

It seems like we made a day-trip about once every summer vacation when I was a kid. I loved it. I didn't ride rollercoasters until I was in 7th grade and went with my friend Stacey Beauprez and her mom. The Gemini was the first rollercoaster I ever rode. Tomorrow it will be the first one of the day if I have my way!

Here are ten of the many things I love about Cedar Point amusement park.

1. The Gemini!
The Gemini roller coaster at Cedar Point gives riders an opportunity for bragging rights to the fastest train, as not one, but two trains run simultaneously on parallel tracks and race for a first-place finish. Guests cheer on either the red or blue train down the mammoth first hill, around wide bends and down the famous "low beam" hill that you must experience to believe. Even those who have ridden Gemini 100 times in one day say that no two rides are ever the same.

2. Ocean Motion
Ocean Motion is a 43-foot-long steel and fiberglass boat that rocks its passengers forward and backward through the air. The boat is attached to four steel uprights that make the ride look and feel like a giant swing set. As Ocean Motion picks up speed, riders begin to experience a weightlessness sensation. The tip of the boat swings to a towering height of 65 feet.

3. Water rides! Especially Thunder Canyon:
Thunder Canyon is a 1,600-foot-long white-water rafting ride. Guests ride in 12-passenger rafts that are sent through churning rapids, propelled by the powerful wave action of an elaborate pumping system. Located along the Frontier Trail, Thunder Canyon is one of the park’s two full-sized water rides

4. Camp Snoopy!

5. The Skyride

6. The Happy Friar Snack stand
Cheese On-A-Stick, Fresh Garlic Parmesan Fries, Fresh Homemade French Fries, Frozen Carbonated Beverages (Cherry or Blue Raspberry), Hot Dog On-A-Stick, Mini Corn Dogs 12 pc., Mini Corn Dogs With Fries, Soft Drinks (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Orange Slice, Sierra Mist, Unsweetened Tea, Pink Lemonade, Code Red), Toppings (Double Extra Cheese Sauce, Extra Chili, Extra Garlic)

7.The Shows! One time we saw this hilarious comic magician who inflated an enormous balloon and got inside it and did all sorts of silly stuff. He was a riot! This year's must-see is Snoopy on ice!

8. The landscaping is amazing. I can't even manage to mow my yard weekly (or weakly) and these people plant flowers in the shapes of all things imaginable. Sure, they are nothing compared to Disney topiaries, but still quite impressive for a place in the armpit of the great lakes with growing season approximately as long as the lifespan of a common mayfly. Wish I could find a good photo of it! I guess I'll have to try to take one myself!

9. Cedar Downs Racing Derby. Call it my competitive nature, but I have always loved this carousel. I don't think I've ridden it with my daughter yet. Maybe this is the year to start! Sixty-four horses race four-abreast around the track on the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, one of three carousels at Cedar Point. The horses move back and forth producing a racing effect. The momentum of the ride increases until it reaches a speed of approximately 15 mph.

10. Yay! It's only an hour and a half from home!

(due to technical diffulties, I may end up posting this when I return from CP on Thursday. We appear to be experiencing connection issues tonight!)


Wonder Woman said...

The Gemini was my favorite, I knew Cedar point before all the water rides,lol My favorite place was the upside down haunted house!

Mrs. Chili said...

My husband LOVES roller coasters. I do not. I'm hoping the girls - at least one of them - grow up to love them, because it'd be nice for Mr. Chili to not have to go on them alone...

Worrel Beth said...

My daughter loves the coasters. Especially Gemini. We r going there this weekend.

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