Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dd and I had a great time on our little mini vacation with our friends. Both girls and both moms were exhausted and slept well at a decent but affordable hotel, we ate good meals off grounds of the amusemente park both days, plus had our share of fair-food. We are all a different skintone that we arrived. Some pinker, some spottier, some darker brown. Guess which one I am?

Despite have a very enjoyable time for our two non-stop days of thrill-seeking, I was ready for some down-time upon arriving home. It seemed absolutely necessary for me to have a little time to myself to "decompress" after all the sensory input of the last two days. In other words, I wanted to be alone. ALONE! Not for ever, maybe just 20 - 40 uninterrupted minutes would've done it . .. but would anybody cooperate? I guess it's hard for others to understand. I didn't think I was so different from anybody else that they couldn't understand my need for a little quiet time, but alas I was proven wrong. Finally now it is bedtime. If the cats cooperate (or are shut in the basement) I may finally have some time to unwind.

Your thoughts? Am I unreasonable or strange in this way? (not in general - I already know the answer to that!)


Mandy said...

I understand the need. The other night, dh gave me a couple of hours to myself. I needed time away from that word "Mo-OM?" Yes, two sylables. I got to wander around aimlessly and sooooo needed it. I don't think you're unreasonable, but how could I? You're my BFF and most of the time, can do no wrong.

Simple Blog Writer said...

Uninterrupted time is ESSENTIAL.