Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 things Tuesday Randomness

1. This is a long dang summer. The kid is getting on my nerves tonight. She has started a really bad habit of getting out of bed after bedtime and coming to me "scared". I'm a mean mom - I don't buy it. She just doesn't want to go to sleep. I don't want her to be scared, but for crying out loud there is nothing that is going to hurt her in there. No more Jonathan Rand books from the library for her! I am just really burnt out.

2. Tomorrow I go to help the inlaws price things for their "Moving Sale". I'm betting my little car comes home packed with things that I suddenly can't bear to live without. Where the heck am I gonna put any more STUFF?

3. I get to go to jail tomorrow! Nah, I didn't commit a crime, I'm just delivering something to office to be delivered to an inmate. I'm hoping he gets the help he so desperately needs while he's in there and still young so that he might turn his life into something positive. He's a brilliant artist but tortured by mental illness and having a hard time growing up and learning to take responsibility for himself. I want to offer him a little moral support but not so much that he thinks he doesn't' belong where he is. I hope it will be a quick trip. I really don't enjoy going downtown by myself!

4. We've had lots of connection problems lately with our ISP. I hope that it's over now. It can be so frustrating!

5. is so addictive. I sit here wracking my brain trying to remember the names of people that I worked with at Defiance Kroger like Jodi "Moo-Buzz" something-or-other that starts with "P" I think . . . . .? She was fun. I'll think of it and llook her up eventually, but I bet she won't be on there.

6. I've had too much Pepsi and not enough exercise lately. Nothing good can come from this!

7. Some friends and I took the kids to the 120 mile rummage sale here in NW Ohio a couple of weeks ago. Dang, that was FUN! I didn't get that much stuff, but it is so much fun to go rummage through other people's junk! I just love it!

8. Lots of rain here lately has left our basement damp. It's times like these I start thinking of the dude that sold us his old house and thinking that a voo-doo doll might be in order, but that poor man is tortured enough. I'm sure it's the guilt.

9. My BFF Rose is sewing me curtains. I can't wait to see them. They are for my orange bedroom. I need to clean that bedroom some more now that I think about it.

10. Maybe I'll go to bed instead. Caffeinne withdrawal headaches are rough. Maybe a little hair of the dog that bit me . . . . mmmmmm


Mrs. Chili said...

I, unlike you, am not a rummage sale girl. My in-laws bring crap over to us all the time, though, so I can probably HOST a rummage sale...

Too much Pepsi and not enough exercise IS bad, though I'm not judging; I can say the same about me right now...

Mandy said...

I wish that rose bitch would hurry up and get your curtains done!

Tina said...

Are you sure she is even thinking about your bedroom curtains??