Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angels and Demons, etc

Man o man, that was a looooong book but it was oh so good, especially towards the end. Dan Brown does such a great job. I have one more novel of his to read but I have to read something lighter in the meantime.

Lots of little things going on here, keeping busy and having a good summer. BFF is coming Monday to help me reclaim my home from clutter and I'll prolly treat her to lunch and work her to death. Dd's new bed is arriving on Wednesday and I want to make sure the delivery goes smoothly, everything is about cleaning and organizing until then. I am also getting a headboard and new frame for my bed, things I haven't had since before I was married in 91. All this change going on, maybe I will actually have end tables some day instead of tv trays . .. . but I wouldn't want to be greedy. *dreamy sigh*

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