Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday - tardy again

Wow! It's Wednesday already! Will I ever get the hang of this? I have never been that great at staying on routines. I hope I can change that into a more positive behavior! Somebody remind me next week before Tuesday is over!

Ten Things I Love about BFFRose

1. She is always honest about her opinion
2. She makes me laugh, even when life is ugly
3. She inspires me to be a better me
4. She's a good listener
5. She's very empathetic
6. Her creativity is beyond my imagination
7. She cooks divinely!
8. She saved my life (maybe more than once)
9. She doesn't beat around the bush, she is direct
10. She can help me put my emotions into words when I need help!


Mandy said...

I am VERCLEMPT! I'll do a top ten about you when you least expect it! You've made my day (I would use another exclamation point, but that my be overdoing it).

Mrs. Chili said...

I LOVE love note lists!

I'll email you on Monday night so you don't forget next week. Amazing how time gets away from us, isn't it?

Cari said...

Hey don't forget to do your ten things next Tuesday, k? K.

Cari said...

It's Tuesday again!