Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy busy busy

It's been a busy busy week full of excitement! I'm almost relieved and looking forward to being snowed in tomorrow. I need to spend time at home cleaning and "decompressing" before the new week starts all over again.

Monday school was cancelled due to ice. Tuesday was the holiday concert at school and afterwards celebration with dh's parents at a nearby family restaurant. Wednesday hubby took off work so that we could spend our shared birthday together (he was born on my first birthday). Thursday Connie had her first Karate test (she is now an advanced white belt). Friday we went to watch a dress rehearsal for the dance recital of the school where dd used to take tap and ballet and then out to dinner with some friends that I don't spend enough time with lately!

Besides that, my BFFRose (whose actual name is Mandy) found out Sunday night that there is an offer on the house she rents in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Her hubby has been living in Ohio for the last 2 months while she and the 3 boys help her dad sell the house she rents from him in Illinios. Well, they came to an agreement - pending inspection - on Tuesday night or Wednesday and Thursday around lunch time Mandy was meeting me in Maumee, so that we could go rental-hunting together. We didn't have much luck that first day, but we h ad the time contraints from travel and karate. The next day she stumbled onto some great finds, including one that she's fairly committed to in the outlying area - about 40 minutes from me. Lots of exciting changes coming up.

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Mandy said...

It's really 41 minutes away. ;)