Sunday, December 9, 2007


My favorite color is orange. It is the color of my bedroom. Orange brings out my happiness, the same feeling that fills me when I visit with the people I most love; my best friends, my niece and nephew, and my co-workers in the form of fellow full-time moms.

Orange is the color of change and hope in autumn. Change is always around us and orange reminds me that change can be beautiful and brilliant. It encourages me to be less afraid of change, and to resist dreading change in my life or in the world at large. Change can be good.

Food that is nourishing and delicious can be orange. Packed with compounds that fight off diseases and help build healthy tissue. The curnch of carrots or the squirt of citrus fruit can be orange. Orange is healthy.

Orange is newness of spring when the robins return and sing their cheerful hellos to the budding flora. Indian paintbrushes blossom along the summer lake, stroking the shore wih their artful beauty. Orange is nature, and happiness, and hope.

I found this writing prompt here.


Mandy said...

You sure are deep today!

Professor J said...

Thanks for the prompt! I always need new ones.