Monday, December 17, 2007


Usually Monday is my favorite day of the week.

This morning, I am dreading the coming day. The ice and mess of the local roads is more than discouraging.

I have a meeting this morning and I keep telling myself not to predict what will happen there. I have a terrible habit of expecting confrontation where it need not be. I find myself constantly playing the part of peacemaker and I feel I've done a little too much of that in this instance. So now I am bracing myself for an upheaval that may not even arise. I am trying to imagine a peaceful and diplomatic resolution and yet my mind keeps spinning into my defensive mode, even though nobody is yet proved to be on attack this morning. Still, I want to be ready and not let it slide by if I am jabbed at. A mind is a terrible thing to listen to some days. I am telling myself at this moment to simply take things as they come and react appropriately to whatever happens.

Yes, Mandy, I took my meds last night!

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Mandy said...

A mind is a terrible thing to use!