Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve/Day Superstitions

These are customs (completely made up by my friend Pam and myself) that should be followed to ensure good luck in the new year

- Wear your pajamas backwards to ensure that things will go "the right way" in the new year

- If you are yawning when the new Year rings in, you will have great oxygenation all year long

- Buying me the new Girl of the Year doll from American Girl on New Years Day will ensure you are lucky all the years of your life!

- Hide a book outside before sundown and bring it in on New Years day. This will ensure your year will be full of enlightened literature.

- Rub noses with your loved ones after your midnight kisses, to make sure you will not "rub each other the wrong way" throughout the coming year

- Make sure that a woman is the first one to enter your home on New Year's Day. This will ensure positive flow of communication throughout the year. Because she doesn't have to ask for directions, you will not get lost this year. Due to her resourcefulness and multitasking abilities, things will come easier this year.

- Give all your money to the oldest female in the house, to make sure that you have luck in love year-round

- Do not fart in the kitchen and your wife will not kill you

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