Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TTT - Crimes I have recently committed

1. Clipping nails at 11 pm after having accidentally speared myself in my sleep.
2. Not allowing crazy relatives to have overnight trips alone with my baby (ok, 7 year old).
3. Wanting people to use their own PC's instead of mine at night when I would like to use it to help me wind down
4. Having feelings
5. Assuming that I'd get reimbursed the hundred bucks I paid out of pocket for a contractor deposit
6. Expecting to go along with hubster to his class reunion
7. Wanting quiet time
8. Not following a script of what to say to others
9. Failure to argue
10. Breathing wrong


Mrs. Chili said...

Um... having feelings is a crime? How do you figure?

Lanie Painie said...

I'm with you Mrs. Ch; but sometimes it seems to be a crime around here and I must be punished! I'm sure you can see how this helps my anxiety disorder. (read with sarcasm)