Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Laundry Woman!!!

Some moron asked me recently if I missed my laundry woman. This person should be institutionalized for ever having suggested such a thing.

While I still don't enjoy doing laundry . . . . what I don't miss is

1. The extra high water bill from doing laundry daily whether or not we have a full load

2. All of my clothes being dried at high heat so that they often come out of the laundry a different size and/or shape than they went in.

3. The sighing and huffing if I don't get dressed in time so that Saturday laundry can be done according to her busy schedule.

4. Piles of clothes on my sofa instead of in my dresser.

5. Not being able to take a shower when I want to because she's using the hot/hot cycle to fade all my colors.

. .. and oh so much more. But the way I felt when she said "laundry woman" just made me feel like Steve Martin.

Thank you to one of my new favorite blogs - Meme Express - for helping me get that off my chest.

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Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Very humorous post.

Just added you to the Meme Express blogroll. Glad to have you along!