Friday, January 9, 2009

Bar Burgers

Over at Meme Express they're talking about burgers today and I settled for soup and salad for lunch? WhAT wAs I tHiNkInG? McDonald's or BK is fine if I'm in a hurry, but as a certified fat lady, I loves me a great big jucy bar burger!

I don't drink, so why else would I go hang out at a bar with my friends? FOOD! Especially the bar burger. I have been wracking my elderly brain to try to think of the bar we used to go to after a hard week's work at KeyBank every Friday. It was some dude's name . . . not Eddie's, not Ralphie's . . .what WAS that? I think the bar is gone now . . .or maybe not. It was right next to the recently closed Ponderosa on one of the most dangerous intersections in our great state of oooooOOOOOHIOOOOOoooooo.

They had the best burger ever. It was even fun to order. It was the Triple Cheese Burger! It sounded like I was about to eat an entire side of beef, but it was just one nice thick juicy patty with three cheeses on it - American, Swiss, and what else was it? Damn, getting old sucks. They're out of business now anyway, but I hate that I can't remember the name of the place when we went there so dang often!

Nowadays I enjoy and of the yummy burgers at a nearby dive -oops, I mean bar - called Doc Watsons. As long as you don't go there on St. Patty's Day or on your lunch brea, it's got decent service. The important thing is, though - the bar burger.

The Lyons Den is another favorite bar burger, but mostly because you can get a big freaking pile o' onion rings to go along with it.

Dang, I'm hungry. And fat. And I will be up all damn night trying to think of that restaurant/bar which probably had nothing to do with some dude's name.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Too fun.
Thanks for participating today. Hope you'll be back often!


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The Grammar Snob said...

Wasn't it Arnies? I think they're still there.

Lanie Painie said...

That's IT! Now I can finally sleep! Thanks Amy! I wonder why I thought they were closed? Maybe somebody told me that so I wouldn't end up weighing 400 lbs!

Anonymous said...

You should definitly try a burger from Moes, in Rossford...MMMMMM!!

NoOtherDaphne said...

Why did my comment come up anonymous, I screwed up some where!