Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TTT - ten ways I'm impressed with dd's new school

Mostly, I love these things because they were so glaringly lacking at our public school

1. They have a librarian there every day
2. The librarian actually helps children
3. Each grade group has a "publishing center"
4. They teach by theme (this year, insects)
5. Classes are small
6. No screaming lunch lady
7. Recess
8. Microscopes
9. Spanish lessons for all ages
10.They teach fitness, not "gym"


Mrs. Chili said...

And really, how hard ARE these things? Not really, I say.

Isn't it like a weight lifted to be happy with your children's school?

Now, if we could just get rid of OUR screaming lunch lady....

Cari said...

You're making me regret not sending Peanut to private Montessori like I wanted to :(