Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TTT - facebook

Things I love about FACEBOOK (my newest addiction)

1. I love seeing that I am not the only one in the class of '88 who got fat!
2. The live chat with my friends from all around the world!
3. Flair!
4. Characterizations
5. It's easy to get updates on my friends, even daily!
6. A super-easy way to follow Rhett and Link!
7. There's always somethign new!
8. The adorable stick-figure families! I'd like to change mine every once in a while and pretend I'm single and no kids!
9. I like to check out my friends'-friends. Kind of a 6-degrees thing going on
10.Have I mentioned FLAIR? so much fun to give AND receive!

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Anonymous said... is addicting. Pam