Monday, June 9, 2008

What a whirlwind we've been in!

And I'm not speaking only of the recent weather we've experienced here in NW Ohio!

Sunday some out-of-state relatives were going to be in Defiance, OH visiting with my inlaws and we were all invited to come and visit also. It was great fun to see hubby's cousin who is so funny, confident, and cute. We usually joke around together fairly well and have had some late night giggle sessions when we should've been sleeping, but this time it was a short visit and no time on our own. Still it was great to see her and her mom. Maybe with recent events, mini-me and I will get to go visit them "up Nort" this summer afterall.

Anyway, since we were already half way to Indiana and my sister magically got her new home early (read: mom paid for it "secretly"), we decided to head on over and see this luxurious place that is so much better than our mansion here in south Toledo. I had heard over and over again how this trailer was "just like" the mobile home that hubby and I had purchased back in 1995 (a '96 Schult Supreme with about 1200 sq feet living space) and lived in until mini-me was a little over a year old. Well, it's a 98 Redmond with 2 feet less width and 10 feet less length, and one less bedroom, and smells like smoke but other than that . . .um yeah - just like it. How bad is sibling rivalry when I want to rub it in that "my trailer was better than your trailer?" Whatever. She's gettin her mommy back. Mom's going back to her favorite who will indulge her passive agressive behavior while she sucks ever last cent (that
I earned her after the inlaws and we bailed her out of her $54K debt and living in complete squalor) out of her savings account. Well, at least I'm not bitter about her lack of appreciation or anything, right?

Anyway, there really is good news here! Instead of moving out after July 4th as we originally thought, mom is moving out *drum roll please* WEDNESDAY! Yep, that's right. 10 a.m. the men with a truck will be here to haul her ungrateful hiney to Indiana.

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of mixed emotions about this whole thing. I have a lot of guilt feelings over "sending her to the wolves" and that she will just dig herself into another catastrophe. I've shed a lot of tears that once again she's chosen the irresponsible immoral liar over the honest bill-paying married with kid and her only grandchild. But, anger is so much easier and feels so good that I'm willing to blog it out tonight.

She will be two hours away. We should be able to visit once a month or every 2 months, just like we always have. I honestly do hope that she can find happiness here, but I still have the "Expect the worst, but hope for the best" mentality. It will be really hard to not bail her out again some day in the future. She's my MOM for goodness sake!


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