Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday - things on my mind

1. I get to go see my BFF today and watch her oldest's baseball game. I can hardly wait to get together with her!

2. I'm really excited about recommended by Simple Blog Writer in comments from yesterday

3. I have 2 hours to myself every day this week while mini-me is at camp. What could be better?

4. I now have a place to stay when we go visit Chicago. I can harldy wait. Maybe next week I can go and crash there on an air mattress even, and just go walk around the city.

5. Hmmm. . .was it my imagination that I was snubbed by some of the public school moms last week, or did it really happen? Maybe they were just busy with other stuff, or maybe I'm not worth their time anymore since I'm not PTA VP. Do I really care? I little, I guess. I dunno . ..

6. I got so see a lot of my public school mom friends yesterday and really enjoyed it. I can't believe summer is going by so quickly! We definitely need to go swimming sometime soon, but it almost isn't warm enough

7. I absolutely LOVE the weather we're having here these days. Very mild, partly sunny and breezy days. I wish the whole summer could be like this!

8. Where the heck did I put my glasses down yesterday?

9. I guess I'm going to try to read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown next. It's probably good that I read that fluffy book (Late Bloomer) in between. I enjoyed it

10. I feel good today!

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Mrs. Chili said...

YAY for feeling great today! I had my last class meetings today (I'm supposed to meet my classes again tomorrow and Wednesday, but I told them to blow them off) and I'm feeling quite light as a result!! Happiness is contagious, it seems!