Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Reunion

Today was the annual Hardy family reunion - my (deceased) father's side of the family. Actually, none of the blood siblings are still living. My uncle Don was adopted and much younger than the rest of his siblings. So he's like 70 or something? Well, he's smoked practically his whole life so it's a little difficult to tell by looking at him. Anyway, his boys are in their 40's. Many of my cousins have kids older than me or even grandkids around the same age. My parents were late in life babies and so was I, so I've always felt a little out of place at the reunions. But, I still go. It's important to mom and it's one of her few social outings each year.

This year I was extremely anxious about it. I even wrote Mom a letter telling her that I was apprehensive because I wasn't sure what she had told people about moving out of our house and in with Michelle. I had heard her spew so much over-dramatic garbage that day on the phone to my sister, that I had in my mind all kinds of terrible things she may have said to the other relatives whom I only see once a year. Anyway, she never responded to my letter yet and we met them there. We arrived fashionably late, with KFC to contribute to the meal. I have been way too busy flaking off and playing with FACEBOOK recently to actually plan and cook for the meal. Seriously, I am celebrating my freedom here - who wants to cook?

So, it went well. Mom told everybody who asked - at least when I was in earshot, that she moved in with her other dd to help her pay bills. Since she's been there, she planted flowers, cooked dinner, and went out socializing with one of ds's friends at a Mexican restaurant. Now, my mother is a notoriously picky eater. I guess they are having all kinds of fun. She never wanted to do anything with any of my friends. Maybe it's because they are mostly parents with little kids tagging along. Maybe she's just hateful. Or maybe she knew that they were no goodniks if they would be my friends. Geesh, who knows? The last friend she really liked of mine ended up being my husband and she doesn't seem to like him anymore. lol

Ah well, I like him enough for the whole family. He was my hero today and went along with us (the last time he didn't attend the reunion, I volunteered to host the following year - he has never skipped since then) then he went into work after we got home.

I have a cool photo of dd on my Uncle Don's motor-tricycle and some others of her doing her science experiment. I really really really need to get caught up on some of these photos, or at least upload them to share.

I'll stop rambling now. I still have a long way to go reading this book and it is GOOD! I think it's better than the DaVinci Code!

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