Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (spying edition)

Here are 10 things that my elderly live-in mother said to her other daughter on the phone today when she assumed that I wasn't home.

1. I sent you a letter with some money in it, you should get it tomorrow
2. They were gone all day yesterday and didn't tell me what they were doing
3. I stayed in my room all day doing nothing. Nice Memorial Day, huh?
4. I was sweating all night last night. I think they still have the furnace on!
5. When I got home from my walk, they went on a walk and I didn't see them again
all day.
6. It was in the paper that the
7. SHE went to meet Liz for lunch AGAIN
8. SHE wanted me to go to Savers with her today, but I didn't want to go
9. They just leave me here to sit and wonder what they're doing
10. She's supposed to babysit at 2 but those kids will still be in school until after 3 so I think it's a story


Cari said...

You posted on the right day!

I'm sorry, but it made me giggle. Did you let her know you heard her?

Lanie Painie said...

Of course not! But on Friday she started up with her passive agressive bullshit again and I called my sister to tell her not to believe a word of it and that is when she told me that mom was already planning on moving out anyway. Happy Happy! Joy! Joy!