Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ten Things Too Late for Tuesday (teacher apprec)

Teacher Appreciation ideas for this week - Teacher appreciation week - or any other time.

1. Basket of flavored coffee. We also gifted our teachers with a coffee maker by Cuisinart on Monday.

2. "Thank you for MOLDing the future" gift bags including tiny play-dough packets

3. "Thank you for planting the seeds of success" gift card including flower seeds

4. Organize a potluck or cater in lunch

5. Teacher's Hall of Fame: Each class makes a poster regarding how much they appreciate their teacher, and they are all hung in the hallway.

6. Fill photo album with pictures of the class and tie it with a bow!

7. "we are so FORTUNE-ate to have you as a teacher" label on box of fortune cookies

8. Have children make special card for teacher

9. Don't forget your "specials" teachers

10. Gift certificates - you can't go wrong!


Mrs. Chili said...

I donated a certificate for an in-home yoga session to this year's effort. My Bean will bring in a potted plant to her teacher on Friday (I'm thinking an herb this year; something more useful than a daisy).

Jo said...

Those are great ideas!! Thanks!