Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

ah HA! You thought I'd forgotten again, didn't you???

Ten of the (many) odd things I've been thinking about recently.

1. I don't spend as much time in "quiet" as I used to. Turning off the TV, PC, Radio, etc. for a fraction of an hour each day makes a huge difference in my ability to function. I need to find time for that every day.

2. I am NOT a nursing home, or even an assisted living facility. Mom's doc said that if I'm worried about her mind, I should make sure she takes her meds every day. I could do a Ten(thousand) Things Tuesday about why that is a bad idea. I won't be doing it.

3. Watching shows like Boston Legal and SuperNanny make me feel less like a freak. Yeah, I put them in the same category because they are so extreme. I adore both shows. They comfort me.

4. Have I mentioned how much I love the movie Enchanted? Have you seen it yet? have you? What did you think? See it more than once - there's a lot there to miss.

5. These Omega 3 supplements are incredibly effective against pain management. I sure wish I knew about them years ago.

6. Now that I am not aching with every movement, I need to go back to the Y. I don't like being fat. I wonder how my husband can even recognize me as the person he married. *shudder*

7. I can't believe I lost nearly 25 finished pages of my online Disney photo album. Now I have to start all over. It's killing me. Maybe I should go back to paper scrappin. Disney needs to extend the deadline on their photo pass website. I totally would've paid a deposit towards my end product in order to retain all the hard work I had already put into that. Sure, they warned me, but I was sure I'd have time to finish it on that last day. Whoops - life happens and all my stuff is gone. Dang!

8. I'm kind of tired of girl scout cookies. Maybe that's because all my favorites are gone. Anybody have any peanut butter patties (tagalongs) they want to trade me? I have lots of others, except thin mints - somebody cleaned me out of those!

9. Writing? How will I ever know if I'm any good at it? Yeah, my friends tell me I'm good, but when will I believe them? Ever?

10. Flat Stanley - I really must get around to reading that children's book. My daughter's reading chapter books now (rainbow fairies or some such 6 year old appropriate drivel) so I feel weird checking out picture books. I should be used to feeling weird. Duh - I should just read it when I'm at the library. Afterall, it isn't as if it's going to take me overnight!


Mrs. Chili said...

We somehow missed the Girl Scout cookie thing - did the sale happen early this year? My favorites are the Samoas - shortbread with caramel and toasted coconut - YUM!

SHELLY said...

Flat Stanley is available on audiobook at Toledo Heights and was a big hit around here!

Beth said...

I didn't get any girl scout cookies this year. :( Got any Samoas?? :)

Lanie Painie said...

Hey Beth, I have 3 boxes of them, but last I heard, Mrs. Chili was going to send me a check for them. You two can duke it out, since I haven't seen the ca$h!

Cary said...

We loved "Enchanted" too. And "Supernanny" makes me feel like less of a freak as well. Good to know I'm not the only bad parent out there.