Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Home (PAD #9)


Home is safety and security
A soft place to fall
Homey is a pal, a friend
One of your Peeps
HOMES are the Great Lakes
Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior
Homely is gruesome
So ugly that one looks the other way
Homer is a nuclear technician
A donut-loving dufus of a dad
Homeplate is scoring
Where all the boys want to end up
Homeruns are also scoring
Where all the batters want to end up
Home is where the heart is
There's no place like home
Go home!

Homes can be manufactured, mobile, or summer
There's a depot for homes, and there are wreckers

Home office, home phone, home movies
Home pages, home design, home & garden
Home loans, home security, homeboys
Homo,homey, homeland security
Home improvement, homebody, homestyle meals
Home, home on the range

I'm homesick.
I just wanna go home
This is home?

. . . oh.

(today's challenge was to choose one word and write a poem about it)

1 comment:

Darren Daz Cox said...

Home is where you hang your hat
from back when people hung hats
Home is where the hearth used to be
but electricity changed all of that
Home is where you want to be
on holidays and days when it snows
but whatever you say about home today
its the place that everyone goes!

hehe! see, you inspired this spontanious poem!