Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PAD Challenge

I'm taking the Poem a Day challenge from Poetic Asides. April is National Poetry Month. He'll be posting a different subject or prompt daily. This first one was really hard. I'm not sure I'll make it through the month, but maybe if I check for the prompt earllier in the day so that I can put some thought into it.

Background on this poem is that when I was little my mom encouraged me to befriend every single child in my class on some level. She paticularly encouraged me to embrace the kids that nobody seemed to like. In her opinion, there is always something you can find to like about a person. If not, there's a problem with YOU, not them. Now that one thing might be something you have in common, or it could just be something you admire about the other. It's a point on which to build a relationship with that person. It's one of those things I have always taken for granted, and that I'm suprised to find out people don't live by, or even TRY to do! So, at 23 years old, my first time away from my husband of 2 years, my first time living more than an hour away from my friends and family, I tried hard to find something about this person when I met her, but she just simply rubbed me the wrong way. I took it as a personal failure on my part.

First nonFriend

"I feel so bad"
I whined into the phone
I just don't like her
Right down to the bone

I tried my best
To find one thing
That I could admire
To which I could cling

She's so obnoxious
Way over the top
She goes to the line
And then just doesn't stop

From the time I was little
It was always my goal
To find at least one reason
To connect with a soul

I was so disappointed
After twenty-three years
To meet one unlikeable
That it led me to tears

The first time I met one
I couldn't befriend
Not one thing in common
I met a dead end

Then many years later
After a decade away
We both became pregnant
Due near the same day

Two states between us
But one friend in common
And this single trait
We were both mommin!

Pam said "give her a call"
And I said "I don't really wanna"
But seven years later
She's my BFF Mama!

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Mandy said...

That's the most beautiful poem I've ever read!