Friday, March 14, 2008

Wound tight as a pincurl

A little wound up tonight, so I can't focus well enough to write much.

Connie's singing herself to sleep (God, let it work soon!) in the next room and tomorrow is her "entrance exam" for the private school we'd like to send her to beginning next year.

Don't know why I should be so anxious. Could it be that my bitchy old aunt put it out into the universe that my baby was already rejected from the school? What a mean-spirited gossipy old bat. I simply cannot tolerate her behaviour. How long is she going to go on with this torture? She is proof positive that "only the good die young." Translation: Aunt V is so bad and mean that she is most likely to be immortal!


Mrs. Chili said...

BAH! All our good bloggy vibes can overpower mean ole Aunt V any day of the week!

The Grammar Snob said...

I've got some bloggy vibes I can share, too. Hope it went well!

Cari said...

How'd it go?