Thursday, February 21, 2008


Why did I think I needed to go work out this morning? Well, at least I got my "talk therapy" with a couple of my gals! But considering I was going to be hauling and rehauling boxes for the rest of the day, I really did not need to burn those calories!

I should never have stopped lifting weights. We were half way through emptying the first mini-van of girl scout cookie cases when my biceps started to seize up. What a wuss! We had 2 mini vans, my Prius and another larger Toyota, and a huge Saturn SUV filled to the brim with cookies. I sampled the new lemon cookies and YUM. I'll be getting more of those!

Sadly, I won't have time to deliver many cookies before vacation. Especially since Connie started vomitting tonight. I think it has been 4 times now. I am not good at dealing with barf. I'm a sympathetic barfer. Thank goodness she waited til daddy was home! As much of a pain that he is sometimes, I can always count on him for puke patrol. Here's hoping it's a short-lived illness and that I don't catch it!

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Beth is wfg said...

Slugging cookies is exhausting, even if you haven't worked out the morning before! I hope they aren't being stored in your living room, at least? That was the scene at our house last year! ugh!

I hope Connie's feeling better soon! Hope no one else gets it either! (YOu know, we had the pukes in our house the night before we left for our vacation to FL in 2006! WEird.)