Monday, December 31, 2007

Vini Vidi Dici!

I have survived another year, if not conquered it. I came through the Christmas madness relatively unscathed save a few panic attacks that most people didn't even notice.

My daughter had an awesome Christmas, was very happy with her gifts and was happy to see her granparents, aunt, and great-aunt. This year she didn't dwell as much on missng her cousins and other aunt and only uncle, so it was nice. She still has a few more days off of school which is good, because she still hasn't done her homework. She has dad's homework philosophy not mom's! I always liked to get mine done as soon as it was assigned so that I wouldn't have to worry about it!

Yesterday a friend and I went to the "new" IKEA up near Detroit and had a blast. I dropped about a hundred bucks there and at least a few pounds from all the walking. I got a bunch of totes and linen zippered boxes to do some organizing around the house. I wish I could go again and remodel my whole house!

Today was rough because dh's PC decided to take a puke and is being nursed back to health with a few trasnplants as I type. Hopefully it will be better than ever. I finally ordered my very own first new computer and am impatiently awaiting for it to be mailed. I'm hoping his is fixed and zooming before mine gets here! I don't wanna share my new toy!

This year almost everybody we know cooperated with our no-gift-exchange Christmas policy. Of course, we let people buy for dd because she is only 6, but only one set of family didn't cooperate. I'm grateful for the gifts, undoubtedly, but it's frustrating that some can't get their mind around how important our non-gift-exchange tradition is to us. *sigh*

Cold cold cold hear tonight. I've been up playing World Of Warcraft and probably will ring in the new year the same way tomorrow. Here's hoping 2008 is more peaceful than 2007!


Stacie said...

Great job on conquering 2007. A great way to look at it!

I love your idea of a no-gift exchange. On my husband's side of the family we only buy for the kids, and his parents. Not for sisters, brothers, etc. On my side of the family we buy for sisters, parents, girlfriends, etc. A pain. What made you decide to go no-gift?

I know what you mean about sharing computers! So you're a gamer. My son and husband are, but not me. My son has played WOW with some friends, but doesn't want to spend his own allowance on the monthly fee. They play first person shooters and strategy games.

Tina said...

Happy New Year Lanie!

Topher said...

Beth and I have talked of some modification of our own of your plan, even if it's having her siblings draw a name among each other for a gift exchange to limit things. I have to say, I was surprised to see K&K bringing something along from your DD; should we feel free to send her something next year? I think we still have some things we collected to ship for your birthdays that never made it out your way... not sure you're still doing that, but gosh darn it even if you aren't you'd like 'em anyway (methinks)... expect that package sometime in the next few months... heh.