Thursday, November 8, 2007

My new hobby

My poor webkinz are probably starving to death. Their garden is probably overgrown with weeds and dry. I simply must remember to log on in a couple of hours to get my Egyptian fridge. I keep missing it when Arte has it in his Curio Shop. Why have I neglected my fake pets so badly? It's because of blogging.

I have always loved to write, have considered becoming a writer, but like all of those crazy dreams it just kinda came and went (thanks JM). Blogging is so me! It allows me to pretend that others might be interested in what I have to think or say. I can create new blogs where I can vent my frustrations towards inanimate objects or strangers and I feel not as weird as some - because I've read other blogs. Hey - why pretend that I am "normal" and "sane" anyay? Why not just ramble on and let peole love me for the lunatic I am? No love for me? Well, then perhaps you're an idiot! Because I am pretty darn great. Just ask me! Perhaps I'm on some kind of polar upswing. I'm going to enjoy the ride and enjoy my day. I feel happy today and although I haven't really thought of one solid subject about which to write, I'm going to enjoy going through my daily tasks knowing that it'll be there when it's there. I have no deadline, no set objective for my day, nothing mandatory to be finished. If I'm not actually actively writing, I will at least be thinking of what I could be writing later.

Take care and enjoy your day. I'm gonna be blogging my brains out!


Professor J said...

I'll be reading you while you blog your brains out. I stole your book list, by the way. :-)

The Grammar Snob said...

Hey there....I have your questions me at so I can get them to you. Cool? Cool.