Thursday, November 8, 2007

My interview

Some questions from Grammar Snob. This is fun. Anybody want tagged?

1. What's one thing you would change about the city you live in? (My city, too, I think) Keep in mind there isn't a budget.

If it has to be only one thing, it would be getting a decent Mayor. This dude thinks that he is above the law and can do what he wants. Luckily for us, he is just dopey, not inherently evil. He parks in handicapped spaces, takes his dog to work, uses city funds to build a shower in his office and cuts or threatens to cut fire/police staff. To this day, it amazes me that the firefighters and police unions supported his last campaign. Hello! In his previous term, the man suggested that deaf people be moved out by the airport, and then had all of the fire hydrants painted green so they would be camoflaged into the yards! He also embarassed our town with his idiocy by being notoriously stupid enough to get on the Daily show. I know the criticisms about Mayor Ford not being "out there" and charismatic enough to put us on the map, but who wants to be on the map as a laughing stock? Surely, there is some middle ground! I love Toledo and I am looking forward to see who runs for mayor next time around!

2. Think back to the biggest mistake you've ever made....keeping inmind what you've learned from it and where you are today potentiallybecause of it...would you knowingly make that same mistake again?

The biggest mistake I ever made was not reporting the abuse that happened in our home growing up. Yes, I know that I am excused from owning that mistake because I was young and a victim at the time. Still, I will always wonder how life would have been if the truth was known much earlier. I was a scared little kid then. I admit that I still feel that way at times, but I now realize how much pain and trauma could have been prevented. Therefore, I would not knowingly make the same mistake now. I think that the experience has made me a great advocate for children and families, though. It has allowed me to develop a level of empathy that most people find comforting and through. People tend to share their stories with me because of my compassion and listening skills and feel that I am easy to talk to (once they get to know me and get past my smart-ass remarks protective defense).

3. You get to take one person in history to dinner. Who is it andwhat do you talk about? (I think I stole this, but can't rememberfrom whom.)

I hereby invite author Harper Lee to dinner. We will discuss literature and writing and all of her stories. She can tell me how she came up with all of her ideas for To Kill a Mockingbird and her thoughts on the film adaptation. We'll talk about Truman Capote and other writers of her era, and I'll make a list of her favorite books for future reading. We'll have chicken alfredo, spinach salad, and cheesecake with ice water or lemonade to drink.

4. Do you believe all the hype about global warming and if so, whatare you personally doing to help reverse it?

I believe that the Earth experiences warming cycles and that the current cycle has been more severe due to human activity and burning of fossil fuels. To do my part, I recycle as much as possible, I drive a vehicle that averages 45 mpg and I send my husband to work every day where he develops and engineers new photovoltaic technologies. I am looking forward to implementing solar and geothermal technology into our next (or preferably existing) home and I educate myself and my daughter about renewable energy. I am a member of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and have attended their Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair and intend to do so in summer of 2008; this time with my daughter. We are also contemplating a lifetime membership to Green Energy Ohio.

5. Are you a better wife or a better mom? Hands down, I'm a better mom.


The Grammar Snob said...

GREAT answers. Did you see that the Rep is doing To Kill A Mockingbird? I'm dying to see it.

You're freaking me out with the things we have in common. Seriously. :-)

Mandy said...

Back off Grammar Snob! She's my BFF!

wfg said...

Where's my popcorn. This could get fun.

The Grammar Snob said...

***Backing off***
Unless you want to me by friend, too?! (cue sappy music) can't we all just get along? :-)

Lanie Painie said...

Please excuse Mandy (she doesn't share well).

Mandy said...

I do NOT share well. I am also a bit crazy being a recent "widow" and all.