Thursday, October 11, 2007

End of Day recap 10/11/07

Well, Connie's dentist appointment went well today - no cavities. I rewarded her with a new Webkinz - the raccoon. Seltzer is home, fangless and groggy. He let it be known that he was starved almost to death and we will all be punished.

I've learned about writing meme tag- a fun little stretching exercise for my stiff writing muscles. I like them. Let's find more!

Since I picked Connie up from school today, the bus driver called and made sure that I knew she didn't get on the bus. Poor lady - I got her running scared. Apparently, she is our permanent driver and has some seniority under her belt. I am told she is experienced and runs a tight ship. So far, I think I like her! I will need to bake her something or have hot chocolate ready for her one of these frosty mornings.

Off to bed soon for me - hubby is working odd hours at the lab this week so he'll be getting up and ready about the time I am ready to hit the hay.

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