Friday, October 12, 2007

Another adventure!

This morning we found poor scared bloody Seltzer trapped between the water heater and the basement wall. The utility room is not "finished" so he had somehow crammed himself in there between two wall studs and couldn't get out. Connie went back and tried to coax him out. She was so brave to go back in that dark, scary cob-webby corner of the dungeon! We tried to lure him out with catfood and he became frantic trying to get towards it but he was stuck tight. So, we had to amke a hole in the family room wall and let him come out that way. Then I had to feed him, medicate him, and let him get rehydrated. There was a lot of fresh blood and we couldn't determine from where it had originated. After his pain meds kicked in and his nose was nice and pink again, I gave him a bath. Oh, he was not pleased then. Then Hobbes, the kitten, decided that he didn't smell right and was stalking around growling at him and my husband and anything that moved.

Connie had to re-shower and get ready for school - made it just in time for the bus! Now I'm supposed to go deal with school things . . .wrapping up Market Day and getting ready for next week's library classes . . . so I'm going to drag myself in - maybe with a comfort food stop at Wendy's.

Wouldn't you know it . . . today my workout buddy called and wanted to go to the Y and there was just no way I could manage it this morning. It probably would've been the best thing for my mental health, though! John is home today, he worked all night and hasn't slept. He's going to try to get the title work done for our old Buick which we are giving to our mechanic friend to have as an experimentation toy.

What a day already, and not even 10:30 a.m.!

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wfg said...

poor Seltzer! Glad he got out ok. Must've been scary and worrying all at the same time.