Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here are a few samplings of summer photos. I am the one in the blue tank in the Christiansen family picture. Why didn't I dress more appropriately? Connie's best friend Andrew is in the cave photo with her; taken at Seneca Caverns

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topher said...

Ya know... K&K sent us a print of one of the family shots... not sure if it was this one or not, but looking at the pose online today, something hit me. Something I hadn't realized setting the shot up, nor when I got the print, but something that as much as it hit me unexpectedly is something I may look to repeat in future family shots. It's the empty chair sitting there by me... as if reserving a place in the picture for someone who wasn't there but is still definitely in the family. If you hadn't put the pic up I doubt I would have caught it... thank you.