Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, I invited my mom to come stay with me for my birthday for a few days. I thought it would be really cool because it coincided with her only grandchild's first choir performance and I'm turning 40 and it's been 40 years since the last time she gave birth. Coincidence? hardly. Anyway, between some horrid virus and wonky NW Ohio weather, she isn't going to be able to make it. I was getting anxious about her visit, beacause she hasn't been to stay over since she moved out and moved in with my sister after sneaking around making plans behind my back. My husband wasn't exactly looking forward to it either, considering the betrayal he feel and the fact that it's also his birthday, who could blame him? So for all my blustering and worrying, I'm disappointed that she's not here and not coming until maybe after the birthday. I'm just never happy.

So, tomorrow is dd's concert, first time in choir and I'm really excited for her. I think she's a great performer. I wish she would have a little more support in the audience than just me, though. Why do they have these things during the day when her dad works? Why did all her grandparents move away? Well, maybe my cousin will come but I haven't heard from him and I'm worried he might be sick. He has a tendancy to catch pneumonia, poor ol' dude. I haven't heard from him for a week or so. Maybe he's just busy.

So, 40 is old, but not as old as my mom was when I was born. I never really thought she was old until around 75. Maybe it's this virus that's got me down.

So, I'm having special company for Christmas and then I get to go to Chicago for a couple days. My honey is taking off work but it's unclear whether or not he's coming along or if he's going to stay home and get things accomplished here while we're out of the way. I'm not looking forward to Chicago driving, but it'll be ok. I don't know if we'll do much touristy other than the Medieval Times event we're scheduled to go to.

So, I should go to bed so I can kick this evil virus/terrorist plot that I have adn hope that I'll feel better in the morning. I should start reading a new book. Maybe the latest Dan Brown? Tis the season!

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Mrs. Chili said...

I'm almost done with 40 (I've got a month left come Tuesday) and I've gotta tell you that, aside from a couple of unpleasant detours, I had a really great year. I wish the same for you (without the detours, of course). Happy Birthday!!