Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Nashville Trip

Dd and I are home at last from our long weekend in Nashville area. Due to weather conditions, our trip started a day early and ended a day late. We had a wonderful time and are so very appreciative to our hostess. I would blog in more detail about the trip, but "Picture Pam" has already done such a fine job of it, you should simply check out her blog instead.

Pam got her nickname when our friend Mandy's oldest son was little. His entire babyhood was documented by Pam. All of our company outings at GWCC were also recorded for posterity under her watchful lens. Many families have benefited from her love of children, of play, and of photos. Photography is her hobby and should be her profession. Nobody can capture a story like Pam. Thanks again for your hospitality, companionship and "Christmas Gifts!"

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