Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let me just drop what I'm doing and take care of your problem . . . .

I'm baaaaAAAAAaaack (and highly disgruntled).

I like to think of myself as a flexible person who is able to adapt to change. Maybe it's not true, but it's what I like to think on most days. Tonight, however, I am feeling just a little bit pissy about this whole adapting to everybody else's schedule bullshit.

After visiting the doc last week, and seeing the blimpo in the mirror daily since then, I have become motivated to return to my exercise routine. I decided to try something new and re-work my schedule so that I could go to the Y and work out before dd returns from school. I contacted all interested parties and had everything arranged to do just that starting tomorrow. You may scoff, but setting up the TIVO to record my soaps and re-scheduling the bon-bon delivery truck isn't simple!

Relaxing here in the mansion viewing the newest art film with my offspring tonight, my cell phone rang. The NERVE of that machine to ring after 8 p.m. was astounding, but I answered nonetheless. The caller informed me that instead of being home at 3:20 tomorrow afternoon, I'll need to be sitting in the carpool pickup line starting around 2:30. So, there goes my workout. I was really looking forward to it, too, and even informed my workout buddies and got them to agree to come with me. After all the juggling I had to do to make it a possibility in the first place, this was the last straw.

I guess I'll just have to fit sweating in at home some time between cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, returning overdue books, recycling, taking out the trash, training for Cookie Mom duties, and whatever else gets thrown at me. Sometimes I just get the feeling that people think that SAHMs are just sitting around and have no schedule. Trust me people, I do not STAY AT HOME! I volunteer 3 different places, not to mention helping my friends whenever they need me, and am constantly learning and striving to be better at this job which has no payroll and no respect. But hey - let me just drop what I'm doing so that my life doesn't interfere with your schedule. I wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced, after all! HMPH!

Oh, look at that - time to take my meds.

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Sarah said...

I totally understand! You have NO idea how frustrating it is, trying to figure out if it's going to be the candy man, or the ice cream man, who delivers first! lol I mean, then there's the whole juggling other men on the side thing, which is simply a headache anymore...