Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday Randomness

1. FIL is visiting today. We see him now more than before he moved, but that will probably change after they sell there house nearby. He is currently reading poetry to my daughter. She's loving it. I love it. There's lots of love in this house tonight.

2. It's getting really cold outside. Finally we have the heat on and really need to winterize the windows, etc.

3. We have lots of yard waste to deal with and I just can't seem to get it together. Today I even forgot to put our regular garbage out so I guess it will sit here for another week - at least it's cold out so maybe it won't stink so bad. Hopefully we can keep the raccoons out of it!

4. I'm really missing BFFRose during the day sometimes, but I'm getting used to it. We have been used to calling each other for every silly little thing for the last seven years and it has been a huge adjustment for me. I'm glad that I have other friends to pester from time to time, but at least she hasn't been interrupting my naps!

5. Sweetest day was last weekend. One of my friends gave me a tower of gourmet chocolates in pink and orange boxes. What a great suprise. God bless girlfriends!

6. I get to start volunteering at dd's new school's library hopefully next week.

7. I also will be volunteering at one of my favorite community events next spring. I'm not sure whether or not I've posted about it before, but chances are that I have. For more information check out THIS website. My daughter will be helping out too. We are very excited about it!

8. I'm seriously irritated about having to wear socks and shoes. I don't mind the rest of the cold weather so much, but I hate not having bare feet. It has always felt creepy for me to have shoes on. What's up with that?

9. Halloween's coming up. My kid's going to be a native American princess. I hate the school party stuff, but trick or treat is a fun time. I'd better get back to the Y so I can handle the long walk around the subdivision~

10. Bonked my head today. I blame the oil companies. I was picking up something off the floor and smacked my head on the container on the back of the broom closet door which holds our recyclable shopping bags. These of course are made from petroleum. I should put in my vote for Obama right now.

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Mrs. Chili said...

#8 is funny to me - while I love to be barefoot all summer long, I actually welcome to arrival of what we call "woobies" around here. I've got some really fun socks - it's the gloves I don't like (well, that, and the frostbitten noses...)

#10 - yes, please; put that vote in NOW.