Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday - Prius edition

10 Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about my car

1. What kind of mileage to you get?
Usually around 45 mpg if I drive carefully

2. Where do you plug it in?
You don't. It's a hybrid, not an all-electric

3. How fast can it go?
Probably about as fast as any other car, Al Gore Jr. was in the news for gettnig
a speeding ticket in his.

4. What makes it so energy efficient?
It has a lot to do with the electric motor and fancy extra battery. It also takes
the energy that would normally be lost when you coast or use the brakes, and
feeds it back into the battery

5. Did you car just stall?
Well, sort of, since we are sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic, we don't
need to have the engine idling so it automatically turns off. It will start up
again automatically when we need it.

6. What's wrong with the dash board?
Nothing, that's the way the instrument panel was designed, to allow for maximum
visibility of traffic. It does take some getting used to!

7. Isn't your big giant body cramped in that little car?
It's suprisingly roomy on the inside.

8. How much gas does it hold?
About 9 gallons

9. Wow, don't you have to fill it up a lot with that small tank?
Nope, only about once a month unless we end up going out of town a lot.

10. How do you like your Prius?
I love it despite it's lack of blueness


Mrs. Chili said...

GREAT list! Those were some of the questions *I* had, too! Thanks!

Kwizgiver said...

Lots of my questions were answered!


Mandy said...

Nobody really asked you number 7!

Cari said...

Good post. I'm jealous of the gas milage, but we have to be able to pull a trailer for dh's work. I don't think I could fit 3 car seats in the back of your car either