Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to go through $45 in just a few hours

First, invite an adorable kid that you have known his whole life but never really gotten to spend "alone" time with to come to the city and bond with you and your daughter. Next, take kid and mini-me to Ideal Hot Dog and tell them to order whatever they want. Then, forget go on to Chuck E Cheese and forget to bring your DS or reading material along so that you have no choice but to play a bunch of games and help them win over 900 tickets in about an hour and a half. Stop at home for karate Gi and nice cold bottled water. Your money is now gone, but just so that you also have no energy remaining be sure to then take them to a historical site so the kid can shop for souvenirs and then to mini-me's karate class. Dump kid off at his dad's work, wishing he would offer to take mini-me also. Come home and make dinner. Then watch sappy movie from Netflix, blog, and flop onto the bed, inhaling nightly meds on the way down.



Cari said...

Wow it takes you a long time to blow $45. I can go through that in minutes, just ask my dh!

Mandy said...

Well, said adorable child had "the best day" of his life.