Saturday, May 17, 2008

Claire's Day!

Claire's Day is one day of the year that mini-me and I look forward to annually. Today was the best of the 5 years we have been visiting the event. The weather was phenomenal, cool breezes and patchy sun. The craft projects were marvelous, as always! mini-me made a weaving, a flower-arrangement, and an owl. She bypassed the coffee filter hats and head wreaths this time.

We picked up about every item possible from the local PBS station, and she had her photo taken with STRAW Man. She got all kinds of paraphanelia about all of her favorite shows, including something new about Super Why and Princess Presto that I haven't even seen yet! For my money, nothing will ever replace Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow! Oh, and let's not even dare to dream about good old-fashioned Kratt's Creatures (no talking lemurs and dorky claymation!).

Hmmm. . where was I?

Our favorite author of the day was Jonathan Rand. We had already purchased 2 of his books and were waiting in line for an illustrator to sign our copy of "The Legend of the Loon" when Mr. Rand's vehicle arrived. He is the author of such series as Michigan Chillers, American Chillers, and Freddy Fernornter Fearless First Grader. His van is not inconspicous.

We were brave enough to split up for a few minutes so that I wouldn't lose our place in line while she joined the throng of children meeting Mr. Rand. It helped that we could see one another the whole time. I would've liked to get a better photo of him signing her books, but I got what I will refer to (and Picture Pam will understand) a "Mellencamp Moment" photo here:

This is the first of the 5 years we've gone that mini-Me has actually sat through an entire lecture. She started out sitting second from the aisle in the back row of chairs and ended up sitting on the floor so close to the author that I worried he would trip over her. Here she is at his feet and hanging on his every word!

We were reunited just in time to get her picture taken with the great van Frankenhuzers She is an author and he illustrated the loon book I mentioned above. I love loons! (pause for cheap shots from my loony friends) The Mrs. took time to point out to us that there is a secret about the book we purchased and had signed! On each page, there is a hidden loon or two, awaiting discovery!. The paintings are simply gorgeous and make me want to rush "Up Nort" to for a summer visit!

Most years, we have been lucky to get one autograph, but this year, was record-breaking. Last year was awesome when illustrator Will Clay took time to sketch a precious drawing of mini along with his signature. Remembering that, or maybe it was the intense Disney World training from January, she waited patiently as we took turns choosing activities.

I was able to have books signed also by Denise Brennan-Nelson and Sara Holbrook who is a wonderful poet, especially for "tweens".

Well, I could post a lot more photos and drivel on about how much fun we had, but this is already longer that most people will hang in there. It's after 10 p.m. and I still hear pages turning in the little one's room next door. I think I will pretend I don't hear a thing and just let her bask in the glow for tonight!


Slender Octopus said...

wow THAT sounds like a fun day!!!
Its great getting books signed isn't it!!!

Daisy said...

What a great day! I bet this outing will be one your daughter (and you too, for that matter)will remember for years to come.