Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday - things that offend me.

1. This song was on one of my all-time favorite shows, Sesame Street, recently and it offends me to no end. When did we start teaching our kids that we do the good and right thing not because it's good and right, but because we will ourselves gain from reciprocity?

2. School staff members who treat parent volunteers with little or no respect. Okay, only one in paticular does this at our wonderful school, but it's really getting on my nerves. How dare they act as if we are somehow less than they are? I'm guessing most of us have a great educational background and high IQ, yet this person treats us like peasants. Aggravating! That's right - I'm still not over it!

3. Cold weather. What ever happened to global warming? This is crazy! It was 80º last week and now it's 50ºF?? What's going on with that?

4. Gardens that don't dig and plant themselves. How selfish can you be?!?!?!

5. Passive agressiveness. Please be directly agressive if need be, I don't have the time or energy to figure out what you need or want from me. That, plus I probably don't care anyway if you can't be mature enough to discuss it. Stewing all week or month over something until you finally explode like a shaken soda can doesn't really leave a good impression either.

6. People who don't care what offends me. Seriously? You don't CARE? How rude!

7. unexpected pictures of sex-toys on my favorite blogs. OMG! What if my kid had been in the room when I went over there? Warn a person, wouldja?

8. Kids that are more coordinated than my kid, especially if they are younger. Show-offs! So my kid is a clutz, so what? I'm sure she has some undiscovered gift that will put her way ahead in college - even if she is still on training wheels when she graduates. Let's keep things in perspective here. (My perspective of course).

9. People giving my kid more SHTUFF to stuff into our too-small house. You know who you are! There is a special category within this category who try to give my kid a new pet = pure evil.

10. Being woken up for no reason. That is a big no-no. Now I must nap.


Mrs. Chili said...

I'm offended by that song, too! Now I'm cranky!

I'm with you on the cold weather. We had GORGEOUS weather here last week, and it's been cold and rainy since Sunday. WTF?! The only good thing about it is that the kids had vacation last week - they'd have been miserable if THIS were their vacation week (because, you know, we didn't go anywhere...).

I'm about to write about something that offends me on my blog. It's interesting that you chose this as a topic...

jo said...

I think the song is more about teaching your kids about doing to others what you want them to do to you...and also "what goes around comes around". When you do something good, people see it and they might do something good to others.....Just like when you volunteer at school, people see you and they might want to step up and help too...then it reduces your load in return...that is a good turn!!!

Simple Blog Writer said...

I'm with you about being woken up unnecessarily. Unless you come with a cup of coffee in hand, don't wake me.

Cari said...

I agree with Karma and paying it forward, but those concepts are too old for preschoolers. In our house we share and take turns because it's the right thing to do. Period. If the other kid doesn't share then we are still the bigger person.

Jo said...

Children are never too young to learn about doing good to other....they do not have to learn what karma means but if they do something good to others, make sure you point out the feeling they should have when they do a good deed. In our society we give less credit to our children, they understand and grasp way faster then what we think.