Monday, March 3, 2008

shut up shut up shutup shutup SHUT UP!!!!

This kid talks too much. She talks CONSTANTLY. All the time. Talk, talk talk. Give me a break so I can THINK kid! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!


Mandy said...

you could always have her call your BFF Rose! I talked all the time and drove my mother insane. :D

Candy said...

When my daughter was little, she talked incessantly. I used to drive to my sister's house, an hour away, and I'd get there and be literally exhausted from all the talking. My sister couldn't understand it. So one time I tape recorded the ride up, and after that I got some respect for putting up with the magpie.

You have my sympathies. I wish I could say they grow out of it, but they don't. I think they just become bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!! I have two girls and they compete to see who can talk the most. They talk over each other and try to talk louder. My husband found me hiding from them today.
Please make it stop!