Friday, March 21, 2008

Brain Age 2

I have been marvelling about the decline of my brain for many years. I used to feel so intelligent and "with it". I could multi-task, adapt what I knew to new situations, and figure out all kinds of things. My IQ is still decent, but in day-to-day functioning, it actually frightens me how dumb I sometimes feel.

Last night I played Brain Age 2 for the first time (It's on Nintendo DS). I was HORRIFIED to find out my brain age - SEVENTY-EIGHT! That's 40 additional years on my brain. I'm shocked and shocked again! Twenty is the age, according to this so-called "game" that is optimal. After that, most people begin to lose function. I can almost pinpoint the exact moment mine started slipping and it was much closer to 32 but still - to have declined so MUCH??? I'm just sick over it.

Please, somebody tell me that you've had a similar experience so that I feel better. I don't mind aging, per se, but to lose brain function scares the HECK outta me.


Mandy said...

Could you use smaller words? I am having a hard time following.

Mrs. Chili said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute. You're basing this panic on - let me get this straight - a NINTENDO game?! You really ARE insane.

Look, if this is something you're really worried about, go see a neurologist. You deserve a smart smack on the forehead for stressing about what a VIDEO GAME tells you about your brain function.....

Cari said...

It's because you're wasting your life away being a SAHM and watching soaps and eating all those bon bons.

Lanie Painie said...

Yeah Cari - that must be it. When will I ever learn? Well, apparently I can't. My brain is too old! lol

Mrs. Chilli; The panic is based more on chemical imbalance that anything else. Besides, I got 41 today. It helps that I tested while the Paraxotene was still fresh in my bloodstream and not just before I took the next dose! I'm sure there will be something else to panic about soon.

Mandy said...

My first test was 61! I feel so YOUNG!

BTW, it's per SAY *idiot*.