Thursday, January 24, 2008

Picky eating

I just posted this as a reply to my sis-in-law's recent blog entry and then realized - "Hey! That's an entire blog entry in itself - not just a reply!"

As a kid, I remember not trying anything my mom didn't like - she's the pickiest eater EVER. I also remember her assuming out loud that I wouldn't like stuff or wouldn't try it or wouldn't eat it if I did. Very negative attitude all around. How in the world do you make sure you get your essential fatty acids like Omega 3, etc? You'll be amazed in the difference they make in your mental health and mobility. I won't ever go without t hem again. I try to serve fish (anything with an exoskeleton is considered a bug in my book, though!) at least 2 times a week.After a lifetime of picky eating, I decided when I was pg at age 32 that I would branch out and start eating like a grownup. This was mainly because I didn't want my child to emulate me as I did my mother! Can you believe I wasted 32 years not eating ANY pizza or even trying Alfredo sauce? I'm making up for lost time now - although the intolerance of all things tomato is still very real (sorry - I think your kid may have been copying me! lol)The big thing I have done to dissuade dd from being picky is to just be honest. I don't especially LIKE green vegetables, but I do eat them because they are good for me. I don't go overboard and lie about how yummy they are for me. Plus, hey - what ISN'T good with a little parmesan sprinkled on?More of my non-picky reportoire includes "trying new foods is part of growing up" and "maybe you'll like it better next time you try it." Also, I won't make an entire separate meal for my kid if she suddenly dislikes salmon. She can have as much as she wants of fruit and vegetables instead. I let her serve herself so that she doesn't get "too much" of any one thing - she is a better judge of how hungry she is than I am. I also don't let her have snacks 90 minutes before mealtime. Make her good and hungry and she'll try almost anything! lolIn closing, my favorite quote from my kiddo is when my mom moved in with us a couple of years ago and wouldn't try something I made. Connie (age 4) said "you know granmda (then 78 years old) trying new things is part of growing up!"It's not a perfect system, but it works pretty well. Also, we go to buffets once in a while and we make a big deal out of her adventuresome eating!


Mrs. Chili said...

We struggle a little with this (is there any family that DOESN'T?). I just keep saying, "little changes, a little at a time." Beanie's eating tiny bits of steak now, something she wouldn't touch six months ago...

The Rookie said...

I am a little more picky than I wish. I try things. I really do. For instance, I WISH I actually liked salmon. I know how good it is for me. I tried it and it just isn't good to me. So I take fish oil tablets and call it good.

I guess I am lucky that I absolutely LOVE vegetables. Genuinely. Yum veggies!

Interesting post. I hate to think what kind of picky eaters I might have one day.

Wonder Woman said...

We are doing better in our household about trying new foods.
It's trial and error tryign new recipes, but fun :)