Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lots of things going on

This morning I could barely get dd out of bed. That's what I get for letting her stay up past 9 pm last night. I should be stricter on bedtimes but when she has been good and charming all day, I tend to let things slide. Then I end up paying for it in the mornings. Live and learn I'd say, but yet I never seem to learn.

I am the worst arguer in the history of the universe. BIL will read this and laugh because he knows better than anybody how well my husband likes to argue! Well, today it finally occurred to me that I just have no debate skill whatsoever. I'm going to have to learn! Dd and I were working on a project together and she was trying to think of a certain song . . . she mentioned John Mellencamp and of course I am an expert on that subject. So, I start in naming some of his songs that she usually likes when we are listening in the car . . . and she says "no-no Mom! That is the real name of Johnny Appleseed." My reply was "Um, no - you're confused. John Mellencamp is a rock singer spanning 4 decades and my favorite . .. blah blah blah" and she replies "no, I read it in the dictionary at school." My convincing reply? "Well, you're wrong about that - you must be confused." Needless to say, the discussion did not end amicably. My comment to her about "it's okay to be wrong once in a while" was met with "yeah, and you are now!" I don't even know where to go from there. Looking on the internet did not convince her. Well, she'll get it right some day. I just hope she doesn't mess it up in class. She's so stubborn! She must get it from her father's side! lol

Travel arrangements have been made for me, dd, my sister, and now my 80 year old mother to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando. We leave 2/24 and return 2/29. I can't believe that my mom is considering going along. If grandma bails, I can get at least a partial refund. What was I thinking????

What a hectic day! I went to the library at school first thing at the last minute. I don't think I was very helpful there. I felt half asleep the whole time. My back/hip is still killing me from my waterpark adventures so I kept sitting down to relieve the pressure a bit. I tried to shelve some books, but my dear friends let me know that I wasn't holding up my end of the bargain. I am hoping they fire me!

On my way out of school, another friend asked me to join her at the Y. Well, it was in my original to-do list but I had made plans to walk at the park with a friend instead. I looked out the window and my plans were washed away in a atypical January downpour. So, off to the Y it was. We walked on the treadmill about 30 minutes and then headed home.

At home, I checked emails, made a few calls, got my banking stuff together, talked to the mailman and read through my mail. Then my mom and I went to the bank and Bed Bath & Beyond, followed by Kroger. While in line at the supermarket, I realized my daughter had a girl scout meeting in 20 minutes or so. I knew there was no way I would be there with her vest in tme, so I called both leaders so that t hey could reassure her I would make it there. I got there about 20 minutes late after putting most of the food away.

After the Brownies meeting (cookie sale starts Friday!), dh came home just as we were settling in so dinner was next and then he took dd on a rainy walk. At that time, I started booking reservations. I kept making mistakes. who knows how many times I tried? Anyway, it's done now.

Tomorrow I have called a 1 pm meeting with the PTO president and treasurer. My plan is to go through the ledger and get this budget crisis straightened out. I'll allow 45 minutes for the meeting and them I'm leaving. Wish me luck! Shall we take bets on how late he'll be?

Maybe I should go chill out and listen to some John Cougar Chapman Mellencamp Appleseed music for a while "Hurts so good . . .. the sun the rain and the appleseed The Lord is Good to ME! . . .. "

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Topher said...

What time are you coming in on the 24th? Ironically, I was almost scheduled for a training session in Orlando the 25th through 27th, but it now looks like that's going to be cancelled in deference to other training going on later. If you get there early on the 24th though we may be able to come down and meet up with you! Otherwise, I doubt we'll be able to pull it off during the work week. We'll see, though!

As far as arguing, my brother may LIKE to argue but I wouldn't personally say he was ever THAT good... *grin* Never hurts to get some practice though, just get most of your practice civilly. :) (And remember, there are times you just can't argue with a kid... heh.)