Saturday, January 5, 2008


Today I took dd to Kalahari water park in Sandusky, Ohio for a girl-scout day event. I ended up seeing some people with whom I worked at two different jobs many years ago, who were both quite suprised to see me there! It is so strange seeing people from before I had Connie. These people know me as a different person and it's kinda hard to know what to say to them other than the tried and true "good to see ya" kinda things. I feel l ike my old life happened to somebody else, like I read about it in the newspaper or something. Strange & hard to explain!

Anyway, this is the biggest indoor waterpark in the US - or so I'm told. I had never been to a waterpark before. It's a lot of work! The wave pool was really fun, and the water basketball was great. I got some pictures of Connie and her friend Suzy doing the Monkey Bars over the water which they loved. We went with Suzy and her mom on one waterslide - the family slide named for the Victoria Falls. I thought it was quite fun, but Connie said "okay - I am never doing that again!" before she was even out of the raft. SISSY! lol

Hopefully I will be bloggin more now that my lovely pink laptop is in. Hopefully I will still be able to move when I wake up in the morning. Hopefully I will be asleep soon!

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