Friday, January 18, 2008

Connie had a FANTASTIC day at school today

Today was dd's visitation day at a nearby private school (MVCDS for the locals). It worked out well because we had teacher work day at her regular school today. Dropping her off this morning, it was my first visit to the campus since about 1983. I didn't get the full tour - that will come next Thursday. However, I was able to walk through the art gallery and the lower grades elementary. I walked past the dining hall and through the courtyard on the way.

The classroom was unbelievable. It was an enormous and beautiful children's library, surrounded by alcoves that housed each class. They had half-walls between the classes and big round tables at which the students could work. There was no big wooden door confining them to their room. They were all working quietly when we arrived.

Every day, they have two "specials" classes. Today was music, where they learned about Bach, and Spanish. They watched Finding Nemo in Spanish with English subtitles, and made clownfish on paper anemones.

Lunch was "awe-SOME!" according to Connie. They had many more choices than her regular school. They had FRESH food, not microwaved or in packages. She had 2 slices of pizza, an apple, Cheetos and chocolate milk. Well, she bought the apple but then couldn't figure out how she would eat it with no front teeth - so, it went to waste. But hey - she tried to make a healthy choice! The best part - their was no lady yelling at the top of her lungs and she went all day without anybody telling her to put her head down or disappear. Imagine that - treating kids with respect. What a concept!

She was happy to see some friends she knew from the neighborhood - sisters who went to her regular public school last year. She had lunch with them and felt more comfortable having them around.

We are all very excited at the prospect of this new school. She'll test for admission on March 15 and we will hopefully receive an acceptance letter soon after. Going back to public school on Tuesday may be a culture shock for her.


Mrs. Chili said...

Wowie! Let us know how it goes!

Wonder Woman said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Our private schhols here you have to pay for your child to play out side that day!

Wonder Woman said...

And it's school not schhol, DUH!