Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There is no better way to get a false sense of accomplishment than playing Webkinz. The cost of high speed internet is completely worth it, just to play funny little games with the virtual version of your plush pet. Oh, and the decorations and the room-building and the clothes - OH MY! If the educational aspects haven't sold you on these little darlings for your kids, then the pure fun of beating your own high score or even *gasp* winning a trophy oughta do it!

In Webkinz World you can satisfy your shopping impulse virtually. Without spending any additional money (after the anual $12.99 plush animal), rearrange furniture, brush up on trivia, compete against and visit virtual homes of other players, and just plain enjoy yourself for a moment or two. No green thumb in real life? Well, buy some seeds at the W Shop and plant an outdoor garden. You don't even have to water it! Just remember to check the gardens on any day that you sign in. Make sure that the weeds are taken out by raking, and you don't even have to actually water your crops. You can even grow your own virtual food in the snow! After you harvest it, you can take it into your virtual kitchen and cook it.

I haven't been playing as much lately. I've been trying to spend more time blogging and learning digital scrapbooking. However, a friend IM'd me this evening that there was a 15% bonus KinzCash special going on for my favorite game in the Webkinz arcade. So, I sauntered over leisurely to earn my KinzCash and played just one game. Okay, this paticular game did cost me about 90 minutes of my life tonight, but it was just the one game! I ended up clearing all 30 levels and winning the Zingoz Pop trophy. I was so excited! I had never gotten past level 27. I had been trying once a day for days and recently I had taken a hiatus since I started working out again. WHOO HOO! A trophy! Can you believe it? Thank goodness that I didn't waste that time peddling girl scout cookies or shining my sink! Now I can put it in my virtual trophy room filled with Cash Cow and Goobers Lab trophies that I keep winning. I RULE!


Mrs. Chili said...

My ten and almost-nine-year-old are GA-GA over Webkinz. Some afternoon, I'm going to watch over their shoulders...

Is there ANY educational value in the hobby? I mean, it seems relatively harmless, but is there any benefit in it?

Lanie Painie said...


The "trivia" is actually like flashcards for math, science, and other subjects. Many of the games are educational too. Higher levels are more challenging for older kids and parents. My daughter was 5 when she got her first Webkinz and it helped her reading and her PC skills immensely. There are groups of moms and dads who play as well. We all send each other KinzPost mail gifts and letters from time to time. It is funny how the man I'm married to for 16 years can send me a KinzPost form letter saying "I'm so glad to have you as a friend" and it will make me smile. It's something the whole family can enjoy together. A lot of moms at our school have Webkinz of their own!

Mandy said...

My favorite game is Booger gets an A. It really helps you to use your addition skills quickly. I really need a trophie for that game!

Candy said...

It sounds a lot like Neopets, except no stuffed animal required.