Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tis the season Thankfulness

Okay, let's try this. I'm going to try to post 38 things that I am thankful for since this will be my 38th Thanksgiving (I am 37 years old). Not necessarily in order, I'm going to go straight through with my thoughts, even if they are a little lame and see what I come up with.

  1. health
  2. home
  3. freedoms
  4. family
  5. friends
  6. marriage
  7. Crossgates Elementary
  8. hybrid vehicles
  9. availability of healthy food and some not so healthy!
  10. YMCA membership
  11. First Solar
  12. My neighborhood
  13. libraries
  14. art
  15. continuing education
  16. museums
  17. sustainable living (altho I am not 100% there)
  18. literature
  19. internet/telecommunications
  20. my BFF is moving to Ohio!
  21. caffiene
  22. indoor plumbing
  23. public broadcasting
  24. community/my support village
  25. modern medicine
  26. Honesty
  27. Music
  28. opposable thumbs
  29. autumn colors
  30. spring scents
  31. sledding
  32. swimming
  33. Toledo metroparks & city parks
  34. fauna and flora outside my picture window
  35. CFL bulbs
  36. cookbooks and recipe sites
  37. photographs and scrapbooking
  38. blogging

(wow. that was harder than I thought)


Professor J said...

Nice. No way I'm doing the number of thanksgivings I've had, though!

Mandy said...

I made the top 38 list!! WOOHOO!

Topher said...

What? I'm disappointed. Whatever happened to "Not getting caught?"